Saturday, October 6, 2012

Building the LFA

In the 1980s, read five different books on how Toyota approached the subject of quality control.  They were very impressive but after five books on the same subject, I figured I got it.  My two lasting impressions were:
  • Either you use Toyota's methods or your build quality will be second best.
  • Humans CAN build perfect things.
This last insight formed much of the emotional and intellectual underpinnings of Elegant Technology.  Because IF we really have figured out how to make perfect things, then the important question becomes, What do we make?

Whatever you think of Leno, he knows his cars.  And when he starts drooling over the LFA unskinned, it is the pure joy of being close to such insanely high levels of build excellence.  It's pretty impressive.

And while you watch this, remember that if we took the economy away from the banksters, we could have a solar-powered society with Lexus levels of build quality.  THIS is the real cost of not throwing the Jamie Dimons in jail.

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  1. Well said--"THIS is the real cost of not throwing the Jamie Dimons in jail."

    Seriously, perfectly put....