Friday, October 14, 2011

They blinked

The story of #OWC gets more interesting by the second.  Apparently, the powers that be in NYC have decided that their squalid little park doesn't need cleaning after all.  Apparently they looked at a square full of pissed-off kids with very little to lose and decided to fight another day, another way.  Go back to what they do well—buying the corrupt politicians in Washington.

But geeze what a gamble.  Once you start making a bunch of tough-guy threats, it is very, very dangerous to back down.  You don't think the kids in the park are celebrating their victory this morning?  And just remember, it doesn't take much to encourage a revolutionary because they are so used to losing, badly, all the time.

Of course, the bad guys are still in power making big piles of money throwing the rest of us into debt slavery.  But I am encouraged to believe that they are beginning to understand that they really are on the wrong side of the 99%.  So while the moneychangers have given us no reason to believe that they know the difference between construction and destruction (up and down), it seems they DO know how to count.  This is actually quite astonishing.

And maybe they understand their massive crime spree is over and you can only buy bad cops and bad politicians for so long.

Who knows?  Certainly not I.  I'm the guy who stopped going to demonstrations in 1970, remember?  But I have been looking at the question of what we want to do if we can ever replace our government of gamblers and criminals pretty seriously since then, and that is what I will continue to do.  Only builders can offer a better future.

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