Friday, September 30, 2011

At least they have identified the proper villain

My response to the mostly young people protesting in New York's financial district is to watch and see if they can figure this out for themselves.  So far, they're doing just fine.  The fact that they have already made an alliance with organized labor must scare the shit out of the banksters.  A student-worker alliance damn near brought down the government of France in 1968.  And this time, the target is not a government but arguably the strongest power center that may in fact own the government, but it is still just one of society's unelected institutions.  As John Kenneth Galbraith would say, "All successful revolutions are the kicking in of a rotten door."  Hard to get any more rotten than the global banking system.

The kids certainly have good reason to protest.

20 Reasons Why Millions Of Young Americans Are Furious About The Economy
Michael Snyder, The American Dream | Sep. 29, 2011,

Millions upon millions of young Americans have completely lost faith in the U.S. economy and are mad as hell that their economic futures have been destroyed. The recent economic downturn has hit those under the age of 30 the hardest.

Today, there are hordes of young people that should be entering their most productive years that are sitting home with nothing to do.

Many of them have worked incredibly hard throughout high school and college. Many of them have stayed out of trouble and have done everything that "the system" asked them to do. But once they got finished with school, the promised "rewards" simply were not there. Instead, millions of young Americans are faced with crushing student loan debt loads in an economy where they can't find good jobs.

When you are in your twenties, it can be absolutely soul-crushing to send out hundreds (or even thousands) of resumes and not get a single interview. Most of us grew up believing that we would "be something" when we got older, and millions of young Americans are having those dreams brutally crushed right now.

Americans under the age of 30 voted for Barack Obama in droves back in 2008 because they believed that he would make things better. Instead, Barack Obama has made things even worse. Significant numbers of young Americans are starting to wake up and realize that neither political party is providing any real answers, and they are starting to get mad as hell about it.

Americans under the age of 30 don't want to hear that they are not going to be able to do better than their parents. They don't want to hear that they are going to have to "pay the price" because of the mistakes of previous generations. They don't want to hear that the "good jobs" that have been held out as a "carrot" for them all these years have disappeared and are not coming back.

Millions of young Americans want what was promised to them. They want good jobs that will enable them to enjoy the "American Dream". They want things to go back to the way that things used to work in America. more

Then we have Matt Taibbi explaining how the Occupy Wall Street movement is evolving.  As regular readers can attest, we're big into evolutionary thinking around here.

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