Monday, May 16, 2011

Final Testing on Beijing–Shanghai High Speed Rail, While US Dithers

The Chinese have begun final testing of their new 819-mile high-speed rail line between Beijing and Shanghai. They have lowered the speed, to contain costs and to make tickets less pricey. Meanwhile, in the United States, conservatives and economists continue to obstruct efforts by the national and governments to get the country moving forward. In California, the California Legislative Analyst is seeking to prevent funding for actual ground-breaking, arguing that funds should be used only for administrative costs and more studies.

The California situation is especially outrageous, because voters there approved funding for implementation of a state high speed rail network with the 2008 passage of Proposition 1a. Just goes to show that conservatives are more wedded to their destructive anti-government ideology, than the actual processes of democracy.
Testing on Beijing – Shanghai HSL enters final stages

FINAL testing has begun on the new high-speed line between Beijing and Shanghai. For the first time CR380A trains are operating on the entire 1318km route with testing set to continue for a month before the line opens for commercial services at the end of June.

The Chinese Ministry of Railways says that fault simulations and emergency drills will be carried out during the trial period, while the ministry also confirmed that 300km/h and 250km/h services will be offered on the line for a travel time of approximately five hours. An additional stop at Nanjing has also been added to the 300km/h service.

Operating speeds on the new high-speed line, which has been constructed within three years, were originally set at 350km/h. However, the ministry says that due to safety concerns and in an effort to reduce ticket prices, speeds have been cut.

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