Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday video on banksters (and the real economy)

Bill Black explains just how corrupt our banksters have become.

And then we can ask, "What If The Bankers Gorged On A Record $144 Billion In Bonuses And No One Noticed?" more

Max Kaiser on ghetto economics (I call it slum-landlord economics but who's to quibble?) "As An American, I Am Deeply Embarrassed By This IDIOT Who's Totally In The Service Of The Bankers" more

Then we have Dylan Ratigan asking, "Does American need a Corruption Tax?"  Although this is an interesting concept, I am not sure it will solve the revenue needs of the government.  After all, they have already tried a tax on mathematical illiteracy (the various Lotteries) and that hasn't raised THAT much revenue and there is certainly more mathematical illiteracy than corruption.

But wouldn't you know it, even the banking business has its "producer" side.  There are really things they do that are necessary.  Trust me on this, if you ever suggest we abolish the banks, their PR departments will explain all the reason why we need them.  Here is an example: "Get A Rare Look Inside The Actual U.S. Treasury Auction Room - Where The $14T National Debt Goes For Love"

And then we see some muscle-flexing in the real economy.  China is doing that sort of thing these days.  I remember when USA used to do that.  It was FUN!  Here we see a 15-story hotel erected in just six days.

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