Monday, July 5, 2010

Even Spain continues to upgrade its infrastructure

The paralysis in USA continues to amaze me.  We are told we have to unhook ourselves from foreign crude yet nothing ever gets built.
Barcelona’s Metro Continues Its Expansion at a Relatively Cheap Price
Yonah Freemark June 29th, 2010
The latest segment of lines 9 and 10 opened last week. The city should have 30 miles of automatic metros by 2014.
Over the next ten years, New York, Los Angeles, and Barcelona each hope to have new underground rapid transit lines up and running. Gotham will spend $4.5 billion on a 1.7-mile line under Second Avenue. Los Angeles will get a 8.6-mile extension to the Westside for $6 billion. And Barcelona will have built 30 miles of automated subways for €6.5 billion ($7.9 billion according to today’s exchange rate).
Perhaps it’s an unfair comparison: Spain has lower labor costs, and despite Barcelona’s international prestige and high densities, land values there are generally lower than in the two American metropolises. But the disparity in infrastructure creation remains dramatic; countries like Spain and China are able to build far more than American cities can even dream about. more

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